Limitations of Traditional Approaches to Low Back Pain

Black man suffering back pain

Chronic low back pain remains a source of frustration to the private health care practitioner. Despite burgeoning research and improved treatment modalities, approximately 28% of these patients continue to report pain more than a year after onset of back symptoms. A part of the frustration is not just in how we define chronic pain (greater […]

Back Pain & Traction

Back pain and figure of woman

Mechanical traction as a medical technique can be traced to 3000BC from ancient Egyptian writings. More recently, its use for back pain was emphasized by the Sister Kenny Institute in the 1970’s. Despite varying reports on effectiveness of the technique in pain relief, there has been no recorded real time visualization of spinal morphologic changes […]

Low Back Pain – The Reflections of a Spine Rehab Leader

Senior man having back pain

Among the foremost practitioners in the art and science of treating spinal pain is the renowned New Zealand physical therapist, Robin McKenzie. According to McKenzie, there are three (3) predisposing factors underlying the epidemic of back pain we observe in industrialized countries.  The most important of these factors is the sitting posture. Sitting when unsupported […]

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