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Alberta Injury Management

Compassionate treatment for any pain, injury, or discomfort you may be feeling, including physiotherapy, weight loss, advanced pain therapy and more. Our team of professionals is devoted to providing you with the help you need to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle! 


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Who We Are

Welcome to Alberta Injury Management

We offer effective treatments for ongoing conditions and health improvement opportunities, including sports injuries, sports medicine consultation, foot problems, skin disorders, addictions, everyday stress, weight loss, and more.

Our physiotherapy services are highly sought after as life-changing opportunities for those undergoing chronic pain.

Alberta Injury Management clients benefit from world-class massage therapy, advanced pain therapies (such as shockwave), as well as traditional Chinese medicine, manual osteopathy treatment, and herbal remedies.

How We Can Help

Our Services


Ongoing care and at-home practices to facilitate recovery from sports injuries or acute traumas, including dietician services.


Your feet handle all of your weight for hours at a time—give them the care they deserve with orthotic treatment and prevention.

Advanced Pain Therapies

Chronic pain affects every moment. Take back control with innovative practices that are designed to get you back on your feet.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy heals, comforts, and nurtures through purposeful attention to muscles and connective tissues.

Manual Osteopathy Treatment

Achieving and maintaining structural balance and health through addressing imbalances in the body by treating muscles, bones, joints and fascia through the soft tissues of the body.


We offer a wide range of programs ranging from a “basic service experience” to comprehensive multi-disciplinary programs.


High-impact services that maximize the body’s potential by giving care and attention to the thoughts that drive us.

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Getting an accurate diagnosis and action plan ensures you can get back on your feet safely.


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Support for clients to become partners in their own positive outcomes.

Support for clients to become partners in their own positive outcomes.

Full Circle Corporate Health Consulting works for INJURY PREVENTION at your business. 

But when an injury occurs, Alberta Injury Management works to REHABILITATE and to RETURN your staff BACK TO WORK safely.

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