Alberta Injury Management provides comprehensive services for insurance companies to augment their client support with leading treatments and recovery methods.


Early Intervention Program

Support for clients to become partners in their own positive outcomes.

Practitioners can rarely quantify the recovery path for individuals through simple terms. Engaging clients from the outset of recovery through realistic goal-setting, positive engagement, and possible “flags” for regression or plateau offers compassionate and practical solutions for recovering patients.

This program clearly defines the client’s role in the rehabilitation process and offers them goal markers for insurers, physicians, and the patient’s family to observe.

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T-MEDX Transitional Medical Exercise-Based Program

Comprehensive psychosocial support for recovery transitions.

Managing the transition between active therapy and a return-to-work may be complicated by ongoing traumas, recovery plateaus, or a loss of pre-injury function. The Med-X Program works to elucidate and maximize recovery in these key areas, offering long-term stability for rehabilitation.

A safe and effective return-to-work strategy involves key partners in patient recovery, as well as compassionate care, observance of hierarchical goals, and comprehensive mobility strategies.

Re-BIRTH Bodily Injury Return To Health Program

Sustainable chronic pain management.

Management of pain complicates the recovery paths of many injured clients. By uncovering and managing these pain areas, long-term outcomes become better realized and return-to-work plans more realistically achieved. 

The Birth Program seeks to empower patients and promote autonomy to shorten the rehabilitation cycle and ultimately cap recovery expenses through motivational healing and conventional strength-building techniques.

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