Osteoarthritis, Repetitive Strain injuries, Whiplash, Sports and Work-related Injuries are just some of the health concerns addressed by Physiotherapists. 

Goals include restoration of range of motion, balance and co-ordination, muscle strengthening and pain relief. Physiotherapists work with patients to plan and carry out individually designed physical treatment programs to restore function and prevent disability from disease, trauma or injury and to maintain the physical function and movement health.

Back view of chiropractor massaging back of man lying on Massage Table in hospital
chiropractor massaging shoulder of patient holding dumbbells in hospital
Chiropractor checks arm muscles, joints of patient on massage bed


Physiotherapists work in a variety of settings including hospitals, community clinics, long-term care facilities, WCB rehab centres and consult with unions, health advocates and industry. 

Magnetic Field Therapy

Both our bodies and the world itself rely on magnetic forces to operate. The same principles that cause magnets to spin North are those that affect the 70 trillion cells that make up our bodies. The study and practice of manipulating these fields to promote healing is known as Magnetic Field Therapy.

At Alberta Injury Management, we focus on Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, also known as PEMF. The technology we deploy can penetrate the body at every level, offering healing in hard-to-access places like organs, bones, and deep tissue.

Cellular repair, membrane health, and balance can all be restored with the thoughtful use of PEMF at regular intervals, and ongoing damage may be halted. This type of therapy is long-term and produces results that can only be measured in the context of the outcomes they are trying to inhibit. In other words, this is in many ways a preventative program but may still offer to heal when cell damage is minor or at an early stage.

Contact our team for a PEMF assessment and to see if magnetic field therapy is right for you.

Magnet therapy.

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