If you’re suffering from osteoarthritis, repetitive strain injuries, whiplash, sports or work-related injuries, you will find the help you need at Alberta Injury Management! 

Our experienced Physiotherapists are ready to help you restore your movement and function to get you back on your feet! We have helped many patients regain their range of motion, strengthen their muscles relieve pain and much more!

We work with patients across Edmonton to plan and carry out uniquely designed physical treatment programs to restore function and prevent disability from disease, trauma or injury and to maintain their physical function and movement health.

Back view of chiropractor massaging back of man lying on Massage Table in hospital
chiropractor massaging shoulder of patient holding dumbbells in hospital
Chiropractor checks arm muscles, joints of patient on massage bed

Our Physiotherapists...

Alberta Injury Management Physiotherapists work in a variety of settings in Edmonton, including hospitals, community clinics, long-term care facilities, WCB rehab centres. They also consult with unions, health advocates and many industries throughout the city! 

The Benefits of Physiotherapy

Alberta Injury Management physiotherapists are compassionate and caring to ensure that patients receive the medical treatment they need to recover fully. 

Your physiotherapist will work closely with you to diagnose your condition, assess your injury, and develop a unique and effective treatment plan that helps you reach your goals. 

There are many benefits from Alberta Injury Management’s physiotherapy treatment plan, including: 

  • Improves function
  • Improves and increases your strength
  • Manages many chronic conditions and diseases
  • Prevents injuries
  • Recovery from injuries such as sports injuries and WCB
  • Increases your flexibility and mobility 

One of our most popular physiotherapy treatments is our Magnetic Field Therapy. At Alberta Injury Management, we focus on Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, also known as PEMF. The technology we deploy can penetrate the body at every level, offering healing in hard-to-access places like organs, bones, and deep tissue.

This treatment is used to help cellular repair, membrane health, and restore balance. PEMF at regular intervals has proven to repair and end ongoing damage. This type of therapy is long-term and is, in many ways, a preventative program that offers to heal when cell damage is minor or at an early stage.

Located near Calgary Trail South, Alberta Injury Management is proud to offer high-quality physiotherapy treatment across South Edmonton. Our team of professionals is always available to help you embark on your journey toward a pain-free life.  

Magnet therapy.

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