Are Your Feet Hurting?

Many of us walk around carrying pain in our ankles, hips, knees or back, not knowing that the main source of pain is our feet. Many health issues stem from the feet and can be easily addressed with orthotic inserts.

What Are Orthotics Inserts?

Orthotics are custom-made shoes or heel inserts that are specially designed for you. Your doctor may prescribe unique orthotic inserts to help treat your foot, leg or back problems.

partial view of barefoot sportsman with foot pain on street

Why Do People Suffer From Foot Related Problems?

It’s simple. As you walk, run and move, your entire body weight lands on your feet up to 15,000 times per day.

In addition, you might be wearing high-heeled shoes, flip-flops or ill-fitting shoes that only add stress and pressure to your poor aching feet!

And it doesn’t stop there because eventually, foot problems travel further up your body and contribute to knee, hip, and lower back pain. Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk without pain?

At Alberta injury management, we aim to help our patients live pain-free lives! Our orthotic inserts help your feet get the support they deserve while you still enjoy wearing the shoes you love! The orthotic inserts are lightweight, thin and easily fit into your existing footwear. 

They can also be moved from shoe to shoe in an instant, or you can order an extra pair if you like! We also carry specialized orthotics for arthritic and diabetic feet with many styles suitable for sandals for casual wear.

The Alberta Government Special Needs Assistance program covers the cost of Orthotics for eligible low income seniors.

It’s Not Normal To Wince When You Walk. Make an Appointment Today! 

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